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How we work with clients

A ‘joint team’ approach and an open culture

Our primary objectives in handling cases on behalf of clients are to:

  • ensure that their specified handling philosophy is consistently implemented by our service teams to deliver the required outcomes.
  • minimise their total indemnity spend.

In our experience, these objectives are much easier to achieve where:

  • Good open lines of communication exist between a client’s claims handlers and their opposite numbers at Horwich Farrelly.
  • There is a ‘joined up’ approach between the way that cases are handled pre-litigation and when they litigate, and a steady flow of information across the claims lifecycle.

Getting the right cultural fit between a client’s teams and our own dedicated service teams is paramount in this.  We therefore allocate named individuals to handle each client’s work and encourage the development of close working relationships at all levels. Our aim is to integrate our operations as closely as possible with those of our clients’ in-house teams to ensure a ‘shared philosophy’ applies to all claims.  As a result, our clients often commend us for the motivation and enthusiasm of our people and their willingness to go the extra mile compared to other business partners.

How we work emphasis

In addition, we also foster an open culture where we can mutually celebrate success and address problems in a constructive, ‘no blame’ fashion.

A comprehensive account management framework

This is done within a defined account management framework under the lead of a dedicated Client Account Manager.  This encompasses service levels, key performance indicators, performance and strategic review meetings, issue escalation procedures, continuous improvement, etc.  Comprehensive metrics are agreed and implemented to allow performance to be effectively monitored

Business intelligence also plays a significant role.   Not only do we provide MI in line with individual client requirements, but also capture significant amounts of MI for a large cross section of the market.   Using our ‘BI Insight’ tool we identify trends and changes in opponent behaviour as soon as they appear and use this intelligence to shape evolving strategies and tactics.

When trends are identified bespoke  ‘Know Your Opponent’ (KYO) programmes are implemented by our strategic litigation team, working with each client as appropriate.

A bespoke continuous improvement programme

As part of our joint account management procedures Horwich Farrelly also offers a comprehensive ‘menu’ of additional services and facilities to its clients, most of which are free of charge.  We work with them to develop a bespoke ‘continuous improvement programme’ to suit their individual circumstances made up from the four areas shown below.  The progress and impact of these activities is considered at the review meetings that form part of the process.

Knowledge & Skills Development, e.g.Pre-litigation Support, e.g.
• Horwich Farrelly client updates & newsletters
• Input to clients’ own internal publications
• Case & trial summary reports
• Technical & awareness training
• In-house case ‘surgeries’
• Ad-hoc telephone advice
• Dedicated e-mail query facility
• Litigation avoidance programmes
Strategy & Targeted Response, e.g.Market Affairs e.g.
• Trend & behaviour tracking (BI/MI)
• Strategy development (e.g. counter fraud)
• Targeted response (e.g. against claimant firms)
• Supplier audits
• Assistance with consultation responses
• Pursuing CPR changes
• Trade association activity
• Bespoke political lobbying

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