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Cost Budgeting


The costs budgeting Specialists

We are market leaders in costs budgeting where our average saving on budgeted costs cases is £53,500. When costs budgeting for higher value claims was first tabled we recognised that the shift to a parallel rather than a post-litigation costs negotiation process would have major consequences for our clients, presenting both risks and opportunities as far as the management of indemnity spend was concerned.

As a result we set up our specialist Costs Budgeting Team in advance of the introduction of the reforms, staffing this with some of our most experienced costs lawyers supplemented by expert individuals who had been involved in the costs budgeting pilot. For higher value claims you will, at the earliest opportunity, be able to call on the expertise of our market-leading budgeting team at any stage of the claim.

The team has worked alongside colleagues in Horwich Farrelly departments handling multi-track claims: drafting budgets; challenging opponent budgets; preparing submissions for Costs and Case Management Conferences (CCMCs); advising on tactics and strategies to minimise costs exposure and risks for our clients; and representing clients at Provisional and Detailed Assessment hearings.

Our costs budgeting specialists are now arguably the most experienced team in the sector, having dealt with thousands of cases where costs budgets were involved and attended hundreds of CCMCs and Assessment hearings. They have also delivered enviable results for clients.