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With nine teams spread across all our UK offices, our motor team cover MOJ, small claims, fast track and multi track claims up to £100,000. We receive over 500 claims each month and offer a bespoke service tailored to each different case type. We operate DA/NDA and DA lite schemes across different case types and value bands, working closely with our 75+ insurer and handling agent clients to achieve success.

Volume claims are an important part of our proposition. Whilst we have streamlined processes and automation in place for appropriate elements of cases for maximum efficiency, we train our people to ensure they are tactically aware rather than simply following a process.

As a result, our colleagues are enthusiastic and we outperform our highly tech-enabled competitors. Our multi track case handlers work alongside colleagues in the large loss teams. This is to ensure that they are always aware of and deploy the most appropriate strategies, instruct the right experts at the right time and adopt the best tactics for a cost effective resolution of the claim. The teams are fully supported operationally, with an operational management team in place to control quality of output. In addition, files are audited by our own in-house internal audit team to ensure proactive handling in accordance with client requirements.

Management information is provided to all clients regularly to allow full visibility on performance and detailed analysis to ascertain if our claims handling meets their strategic objectives. The format of the information is designed in collaboration with clients to ensure it meets their requirements.

We believe that delivering a bespoke service requires a dedicated team. To ensure that this happens 80% of our motor teams are aligned to specific clients. This means that our handlers gain an in-depth appreciation of the strategies and working practices they need to put into practice. Given the significant disparity between pre-litigation and post litigation costs, it is imperative
that avoidable litigation is reduced.



We work closely with our fraud and costs teams to develop holistic strategies and tactics to minimise exposure to fraud and costs risks. Whilst we support client objectives to reduce litigation and costs, we are not afraid to tackle difficult issues and take technical points to succeed in court, helping to deter future claims and reduce indemnity spend overall e.g. running Nicholls v Rushton defences where we have achieved an 80% success rate and running automatism defences with a 90% success rate.

We achieve sector-defining results using bespoke KYO strategies which are developed following analysis of our own data and data from external sources to identify trends and behaviours. We pay particular attention to medical experts e.g. conjoined claims leading to the court refusing to accept the medical evidence of Dr T Sullivan who was discredited and ordering the claimant to obtain fresh evidence at their own expense.