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Strike while the iron is hot: Facebook privacy changes and what it means for counter-fraud

May, 3, 2019

Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, has announced changes to the social network platform that have implications for those investigating possible fraud. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the company’s recent problems, the emphasis is on privacy. This will be achieved in two principal ways: first by end-to-end encryption between sender and recipient; and secondly by allowing connections limited to those with common interests, referred to by Zuckerburg as ‘simple, intimate places.’ This would see the demise of personal pages that are currently widely accessible, in favour of small groups of intimates with a high level of privacy protection.

Further features of the proposals are that there will be a reduction in the volume of the content stored permanently and better safety and security for the material that is still stored.

Sites such as Facebook currently offer rich veins of legitimately accessible material that is vital in the fight against insurance Fraud. It seems likely that at some time in the future, these sources will become far more restricted. While they remain available, early investigations by skilled analysts, using the correct tools can capture evidence that may then be stored, before it is either deleted by the user, or disappears into the new, private environment. When that day comes, even greater levels of skill and expertise will be required to continue to identify and access available, open sources of information.

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