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Horwich Farrelly succeeds in getting dishonest medico-legal expert struck off

April, 23, 2015

Horwich Farrelly, developed growing concerns about the medico-legal practice of Mr Titus Odedun over a number of years. Having challenged his medical reports on numerous occasions the firm submitted a comprehensive dossier of evidence to the General Medical Council (GMC) which has resulted in the former consultant being struck off the Medical Register.

Our investigations, led by associate Michael Rimmer, were taken up by the GMC and the case was eventually referred to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) for a ‘fitness to practice’ hearing in March 2015.  At that hearing Mr Odedun was found to have deliberately misrepresented his medical experience and membership of professional bodies under oath and in the medical reports he supplied to support personal injury claims.  They found that his conduct was fundamentally incompatible with being a doctor and erased his name from the Medical Register.

In its published findings the MPTS considered that Mr Odedun had “demonstrated a reckless disregard of [good medical practice] principles” and “put his own interests before those of the profession”.  It found that “his conduct amounts to persistent dishonesty and an abuse of his position as an expert”.

They were particularly concerned given the medico-legal context and continued “The Courts and the public as a whole must be able to trust those who provide expert opinion”.

Ronan McCann, Fraud Partner at Horwich Farrelly, considers this an important victory in the fight against fraud: “Medical evidence forms the foundation of any personal injury case, and the expert’s integrity is crucial in assessing the authenticity of these claims. If the medical expert is dishonest in any way how can the courts rely on any of their opinions?”

The misrepresentation under oath of his employment, clinical specialities and professional memberships was one of a number of concerns Horwich Farrelly raised with the GMC regarding Mr Odedun.

Ronan McCann continued, “Credit certainly has to go to Horwich Farrelly associate, Michael Rimmer, who led the investigation here and worked tirelessly to bring Mr Odedun to justice. Mr Odedun had been on our radar for some time and we have been challenging his evidence in Court for a number of years which allowed us to put together a very strong case to present to the GMC.

“Mr Odedun has not been a practicing doctor for some time so the Panel did not consider that his misconduct had presented a risk to public health. However, as he provided statements to support a large number of personal injury claims he could potentially have cost insurers, and hence honest policyholders, huge amounts of money as a result of his persistent dishonesty.

“We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of this case and the fundamental part we played in putting a stop to Mr Odedun’s medico-legal practice, removing him from the industry once and for all. Mr Odedun alluded to some sort of malicious intent by Horwich Farrelly against him. I am pleased that this suggestion was rejected by the MPTS. We believe this case reinforces the need for a truly independent organisation like MedCo to better regulate medico-legal experts and deter those aiming to cheat the system.

“We will investigate dishonest activity irrespective of whether it is by those pursuing compensation or the professionals who support their claims.”

(The published report and findings of the of the MPTS case can be found here.)

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