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Horwich Farrelly’s Costs Department was established in 2001 - we now have the largest team in the market and are the recognised leader in costs drafting and negotiation




Horwich Farrelly’s Costs Department was one of the first in-house costs teams established by a defendant law firm.

We now have the largest and most successful dedicated team in the market and are a recognised leader in third party costs negotiation in the general insurance sector.  All of our senior personnel have worked at Horwich Farrelly for more than 10 years, three are partners, and in total we can boast over 200 man-years of costs-specific experience.

In addition to our enviable technical capabilities we have invested in bespoke processing and business intelligence systems which position us at the forefront of the market.  This technology has enabled the team to work efficiently in a market where large areas of work now come within fixed-fee regimes, and to provide timely strategic insights that give our clients a real competitive edge.


 A comprehensive costs service….

Our scale allows us to concentrate expertise in teams specialising in specific types of costs matter in line with an evolving market:

  • Claims Portal/PCR
  • Standard Costs
  • Costs Budgeting
  • Infant Settlements
  • Drafting

We deal with both fast and multi-track disputes as well as catastrophic injuries, test litigation and complex matters arising out of RTA, EL, PL, product liability, clinical negligence and other civil claims, including fraud.  A dedicated Technical Team handles high value costs litigation arising from catastrophic claims, complex multi-defendant disputes, appeals and test litigation.  They also deal with discrete issues including success fees, ATE premiums and hourly rate challenges.

Our in-house Advocacy Team avoids the need to employ external counsel in the vast majority of cases.

….delivering a strategic approach

The Costs team is an integrated part of Horwich Farrelly’s case handling for clients.  They provide advice, guidance and training to our internal teams as necessary, and consult on matters throughout the claims lifecycle, particularly those with higher values, in order to minimise costs leakage.  We are also happy to offer Costs services on a stand alone basis.

Our approach to costs negotiation is straightforward – we pay reasonable bills and fight costs which are excessive or where the other side are adopting unreasonable behaviours. We have developed a formidable reputation for our robust approach with opponents.  When Horwich Farrelly is instructed they know we mean business and we are prepared to challenge all unreasonable or disproportionate costs.  We ensure budgets and bills are properly drafted and stand up to scrutiny, as evidenced by the minimal reductions to our submissions at Provisional Assessment.

We support client objectives to reduce litigation, but will constantly seek opportunities to work with them on aggressively pursuing the right strategic cases to help to improve the outcomes and reduce spend for future claims.


In addition we also lobby for beneficial change for our clients, both via our trade bodies and directly with the Ministry of Justice and Civil Procedure Rules Committee.  Our management information and litigation experience has been used to build compelling arguments for change.

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