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Horwich Farrelly offers a proven approach to suspect claims combining a robust stance with market leading skills and expertise


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As the potential for profit in motor related claims reduces, fraudsters will continue to target areas such as casualty and the number of claims is reported to be on the increase. Built on the expertise, experience, processes and personnel in our award-winning motor proposition, we offer a bespoke service tailored to each different type of fraud, including:

Our mainstream casualty teams are supported in their fight against fraud by our industry-leading intelligence team. Each claim is triaged by the intelligence team and, where a potentially fraudulent claim is identified, it is handled by a dedicated counter-fraud handler. Whilst each distinct type of fraud is investigated in its own unique way, with dedicated handlers allocated as appropriate, our aim is to retain consistent control over the delivery of decisions (e.g. settle, plead fraud and proceed to trial, etc.) in line with client requirements.

Horwich Farrelly has built an enviable reputation for adopting a robust approach to fraud and fights more cases in court than any other firm – achieving impressive results for clients and providing a clear deterrent to fraudsters.

Whilst many firms are content with just an economically favourable settlement, we will work with clients to actively pursue sanctions against fraudsters wherever possible and cost-effective to do so. We routinely secure findings of Fundamental Dishonesty against claimants and have unparalleled success in overturning qualified one-way costs shifting (QOCS). Our in-house Enforcement team has recovered millions of pounds worth of costs orders for our clients.

Significantly, our record of success in Contempt of Court proceedings is unmatched.

We have invested heavily in IT not only to optimise productivity but also to provide a leading insurance fraud intelligence capability.

Our large specialist Intelligence Team (drawn from police, legal practice, insurance claims and field investigation backgrounds) triage every case we receive.  Equipped with state of the art software, tools and databases they combine in-depth expertise and highly automated processes to analyse claims data, detect fraud, and identify potential fraud rings. Their input is used to drive the most appropriate case handling strategy, and they consult throughout the case lifecycle.

We have developed proprietary tools and techniques to help identify suspect activity, including that involving organisations that potentially ‘enable’ fraud – ranging from claims management companies and credit hire operators to various ‘experts’ (engineers, physicians, etc.). Horwich Farrelly liaises with the relevant regulatory authorities to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to both curtail their activities and get financial and/or professional sanctions imposed.

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