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During 2017/18, bogus gastric illness claims were reported to be costing the travel sector £50 million per year. We attended an ABTA conference in February 2017 and at that conference hoteliers asked the question that everyone in attendance wanted to know the answer to – “What is the industry doing to stop the epidemic of holiday illness claims?” Horwich Farrelly presented a strategy
designed not just to defend the individual claims, but to take down and stop those responsible for them. Fraud will not be tolerated, regardless of the value of the claim. If you bring a fraudulent claim against one of our clients, we will fight it and we will make you pay.

The result of this calculated yet aggressive strategy was that in 2.5 years since our first instruction we successfully defended over 3,300 holiday sickness claims, winning 100% of the cases taken to trial and saving our clients tens of millions of pounds in potential damages and costs in the process. In 2018 the MOJ reported that the number of CMCs dealing with holiday sickness claims had dropped by a third.

Criminal Proceedings
In the right cases, we will consider issuing criminal proceedings. We have issued committal proceedings against numerous claimants and in 2018 we secured convictions against a family of four from Liverpool in Jet2holidays v Weir and others. We also look for other ways to pursue dishonest claimants and last year we took the unique step of issuing proceedings for exemplary damages and for fraud declarations against Martin and Lindsey Brown. The court accepted that these were fraudulent claims and ordered the Browns to pay £30,000. We are also working alongside the Merseyside Police to prosecute dishonest claimants and one such claimant was recently arrested and given a Conditional Adult Warning.

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