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In contrast to personal injury claims, credit hire has to date wholly evaded any form of regulatory intervention. Whilst the MOJ intend to review credit hire as part of the current consultation, it appears unlikely that any legislative reform will materialise in the near future. Horwich Farrelly anticipate that fraudsters, who already see the current rules as a ‘soft touch’, will prey on the impending Civil Liability Bill by migrating from traditional PI to credit hire fraud – a move that has already begun. Equally we anticipate those firms with an already large share of the market to expand into gaps vacated by other firms. Accordingly, Horwich Farrelly have placed the onus upon themselves and insurers to implement robust credit hire fraud strategies.

Focus Areas

  • Suspected staged accidents
  • CHO rings
  • Exaggeration of damage
  • Grossly exaggerated credit hire
  • Cross hire/phantom hire
  • False or suspicious documents
  • Unverifiable CHO, hire or vehicle
  • ‘Pop up’ CHOs

We develop a bespoke credit hire fraud strategy tailored to suit your needs and one which ensures consistency between the pre and post litigation approach. The strategies enable us to focus upon defeating trends as well as target individual cases and companies meaning that our clients enjoy pre-litigation benefits – typically an increased appetite to avoid litigation, which stands us apart from our competitors.

Fact Gathering

We equip insurers with tools to identify credit hire fraud at the earliest possible stage.

Evidence Review

Prompt early validation is crucial ensure credit hire fraud is dealt with robustly.

Know Your Opponent 

We proactively identify and track behaviours of the most problematic risk CHOs, along with professional enablers, and develop bespoke strategies to counter them.

Decision Making

Targeting organisations and individuals identified as being involved in fraud and seeking to penalise fraudulent conduct to the maximum extent.


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