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Whilst many suppliers now base their intelligence services predominantly on data matching and fraud scoring, Horwich Farrelly adopts a more holistic approach


THE intelligence services SPECIALISTS


Horwich Farrelly’s Intelligence Team is drawn from police, legal practice, insurance claims and field investigation backgrounds. We combine in-depth expertise with highly automated processes to analyse claims data, detect fraud, identify potential fraud rings and proactively monitor market trends and behaviours.

With 35 dedicated intelligence analysts spread across five specialist teams, our team is widely recognized as a sector-defining market leader. They have over 100 years of varied and comprehensive intelligence experience and, through our commitment to invest in the latest technologies, are equipped with state of-the-art software, tools and third party databases.


A holistic approach

Whilst many suppliers now base their services predominantly on data matching and fraud scoring, Horwich Farrelly adopts a more holistic approach.  Insurance fraud is a particularly ‘grey area’ that isn’t well suited to a purely ‘black and white’ methodology.

Analysts within Horwich Farrelly’s Intelligence Team are actively encouraged to use their experience, initiative and intuition, both on individual instructions and to improve and develop our intelligence and fraud detection processes to ensure that they keep pace with the evolving tactics and methodology of increasingly sophisticated fraudsters.

Using the right technology and data for the right reasons at the right time

Technology and databases play a key part in intelligence gathering and analysis, but complement and augment rather than wholly replace the skills of the analyst.

Our powerful intelligence systems infrastructure has been designed to facilitate ‘intelligent automation’ wherever appropriate, enabling us to offer high quality and accuracy at the minimum expense for clients.

In addition to a proprietary database containing intelligence from several years of clients’ fraud instructions we make use of a comprehensive portfolio of subscription database and counter–fraud membership forums.

We have a bespoke, market-leading, social networking analysis tool, allowing us to electronically match and cross reference individuals’ profile associations at ‘the click of a button’. Using this tool we have identified fraudulent associations that otherwise would have been impossible to find.


Working in partnership with clients

Our intelligence analysts work hand-in-hand with clients’ own intelligence and counter-fraud teams as required to detect, analyse and prevent fraud.   As well as insightful and cutting-edge analysis they will provide comprehensive intelligence support as an integral part of the service, including regular fraud ring strategy conferences, data briefings, ‘hot lists’ and training.

We are also able to offer a range of ‘intelligence only’ profiling reports, and provide consultancy services. We can assist clients in establishing their own internal intelligence teams, counter-fraud
procedures and processes, and database configuration and optimisation.

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