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The costs advocacy Specialists

We have expert costs advocates which allows us to prepare and conduct the majority of costs hearings, including preparing skeleton arguments, without having to involve specialist (and often expensive) costs counsel.

We have a dedicated and experienced in-house Advocacy Team.  Our advocates appear regularly in the Senior Courts Costs Office and in the County Court and District Registries across the country.

Having an Advocacy Team means we can conduct the majority of our court hearings on costs matters without needing to involve counsel and means that we retain the expertise and knowledge to make informed decisions about the cases to pursue and the arguments to deploy.  Our team also have extensive technical drafting experience, such as preparing skeleton arguments, which again enables us to deal with matters that would ordinarily require the involvement of specialist Counsel.

The Advocacy Team are an integrated component of our Costs services and form part of a continuous review process within the department which ensures that all cases are fully and correctly prepared all the way from instruction to the eventual hearing.