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Our Expertise

UK & International Casualty

We provide early advice in complex injury claims to ensure that our clients are in the best position to defend potential claims arising from incidents involving serious injuries. We can also initiate early investigations on our clients behalf about quantum and causation. We have often succeeded in resolving complex claims pre-litigation with early pro-active engagement with our opponents.

Employer's Liability / Public Liability

We have vast experience in dealing with both employer’s liability and public liability matters ranging from high value specialist claims to smaller value and less complex claims. Despite the value of the claim, we are astute to the need for early investigations either at a pre-litigation stage in the form of liability investigations, fraud concerns and ultimately if the matter can be dealt with prior to litigation.


We have in-depth knowledge of the court system in Northern Ireland and more importantly, the Judiciary. We know which points are likely to be accepted by particular judges and therefore, which cases stand the greatest prospect of success. We advise our clients on the merits of the claim, the risk of any adverse costs and our experience means that we can triage claims quickly.

Large Loss

We are experienced in dealing with large loss claims arising from motor claims, employer’s liability claims and public liability claims. We provide a comprehensive action plan to enable our clients to take control of investigations at the earliest opportunity and liaise with key stakeholders at an early stage to encourage collaboration and to ensure effective investigation.

Credit Hire

We have an enviable reputation within the credit hire arena in Northern Ireland and are shaking up how these cases are approached within the jurisdiction. These claims are often litigated very quickly, however, upon receipt of proceedings we are extremely expeditious in preparing initial advice and proactive in implementing our recommended strategies.


HF boasts extensive experience and proficiency in handling a wide spectrum of disease-related matters. Our capabilities cover defence representation across various industries and professions. Our expertise extends to defending claims made by workers in industries across Northern Ireland and the UK, including factory workers, welders, and shipyard workers.

Counter Fraud

Challenging fraud is where HF excels and in Northern Ireland, we have the benefit of experienced solicitors who have worked in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who can provide an invaluable insight into how fraud cases are handled within each jurisdiction. We do not subscribe to the traditional model of simply relying upon a robust counsel on the date of the hearing. Instead, we robustly gather evidence from the outset with proactive investigations being undertaken by our intel team.

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