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Our expertise

Headed up by Steven Smart and Associate Partner Val Pitt, with over 30 years of experience combined, our Scottish Office offers a broad range of services to insurer clients and their insured.


Highlights include having developed a strategy to deal with claims from a problematic firm for a client which doubled their nil-rate claims in a year, developing HOLT for the jurisdiction, adopting a strategy to assist an insurer client facing an unusual number of “supercar” accident claims and multiple trial victories, including most recently for a local authority after a three day trial. We have successfully pursued fraudsters for costs recovering hundreds of thousands of pounds for our clients to date.


We are regularly instructed in the most serious injury claims, including actions involving amputations, paraplegia and brain injury. Our specialist catastrophic injuries team works to identify latest trends, approaches to handling claims and innovations in handling claims to secure the best possible outcomes.


We handle the full range of motor claims, from straight
forward injury and damage claims to complex indemnity issues. In addition, our expert credit hire handlers have developed pre and post litigation strategies to secure swift, efficient settlements where appropriate, or take advantage of procedure and costs rules to apply maximum pressure to CHOs in claims where good offers have been made or where the claim is questionable.


We have represented companies in different industries
against whom claims have been made for pleural plaques, asbestosis and mesothelioma. We also have extensive experience of representing companies against whom claims have been made for HAVS/VWF, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Noise Induced Hearing Loss, as well as less frequently encountered conditions such as Silicosis.


The Scottish-Insured recoveries department has grown
exponentially, recovering nearly £1.5m for clients during
2021 despite Court closures and an inability for long periods to raise proceedings.


We handle property damage claims for major insurer clients ranging from more run of the mill claims to more complicated examples such as a seven figure claim concerning damage to a hotel.


Instructed through insurers, nominations and direct by
commercial clients, we handle claims across a broad
range of sectors including in the construction industry,
agricultural industry, local authorities and the leisure


We represent insurers in both defending such claims,
including a defective beauty product provided to clients,
and pursuing them, presently seeking a recovery against a major company after a software failure on a product resulted in a serious accident.


We represent a major holiday operator in a range of matters, from pursuing disruptive passengers ejected from flights resulting in financial charges being sustained, to defending claims by holiday makers who have sustained injuries, food poisoning or who have made claims for alleged breaches of contract.

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