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Our expertise

Acting for insurers, brokers, MGAs, and self-insureds, we work across all insurance lines including motor, employers’ liability, public liability, and product liability.

Complex fraud

Our four partner led teams deal with a wide range of premeditated fraudulent claims including:
fake trips/slips,
contrived accidents,
phantom passenger claims
dangerous staged accidents which put the public at serious risk of harm
Such claims often involve counter claims for exemplary damages or tort of deceit actions to recoup losses already paid out.

Large loss fraud

Our Large Loss Fraud team was created in 2018 to tackle dishonestly inflated high value claims. Our proven approach strikes the right balance between traditional large loss handling and fraud handling to ensure the right outcome.

Professional enablers

Our approach to tackling identified enablers is by far the most forceful in the industry.Our Professional Enablers team was recognised at the Insurance Post Claims & Fraud Awards 2020 as The Independent Fraud Investigation Team of the Year.

Fraud rings

We covertly, and confidentially share our intelligence throughout the industry to help in the fight against organised fraud, particularly in association with the IFB and IFED

Opportunistic claims

We have been blazing a trail in the defence of alleged injury claims from minor accidents for over 20 years and have the largest, most experienced team in the insurance industry. Our market leading claims solutions have led to a marked decrease in the courts’ tolerance of opportunistic claims arising from trivial impacts.

Farmed claims

Our causation teams have developed market leading and award-winning strategies and tools to help insurers combat the damaging and often fraudulent behaviours of claims farmers, disrupting their business model and preventing their cash flow.

Contempt / private prosecution

HF has pioneered contempt of court proceedings in civil claims and has a fierce reputation for pursuing custodial sentences for fraudsters, with many findings of contempt of court and numerous prosecutions on-going. Our leading case of (Jet2 Holidays v Hughes and Hughes) made it possible for liars to be guilty of contempt of court for lying in claims documents pre-litigation.

Claims layering and rehabilitation fraud

Legal reforms have left accident management companies and claimant solicitors with a reduction in income and claims layering is a common go-to solution for such businesses to recoup lost revenue.
Our most notable work in this area was under Operation Vixen where hundreds of bogus claims for physiotherapy and CBT presented via Asons solicitors were uncovered along with evidence of solicitors tampering with documents to conceal the dishonesty. Our work in this area resulted in the former Director of Asons agreeing never to practice again and paying £250,000 to our client.

Credit hire fraud

With whiplash claims worth less than they were pre-reform, many claims firms have shifted focus to bent metal and credit hire claims. Sadly often with elements of fraud such as dual hires, frustrating the repair process to elongate hire, continuation of hire when the damaged vehicle is roadworthy and much more.
HF have revolutionised the approach of the entire industry by innovating pre-litigation tactics, training, and technical expertise. We have built very close relationships with taxi licensing authorities providing collaboration leading to exceptional results.

First party fraud

First party fraud can take many forms including staged accidents and exaggerated damage, but in recent years we’ve seen a dramatic rise in account takeovers, fraudulent fire &theft claims, as well as sham bent metal claims, from pop-up garages. We know that insurers need to be equipped with both the tools and market leading insight to detect first party fraud as well as being able to fight back to recoup losses and send a robust message to other would-be fraudsters. Our staged fee recovery scheme keeps spend proportionate.

Housing disrepair

With several known enablers moving into this market to avoid the newly reformed whiplash world, we’re already seeing vulnerable people targeted to make exaggerated and fraudulent claims against the property owner. Our services extend to intervention consultancy and robust claims defence.

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