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Welcome to HF Digital – our hub of online tools helping our clients recognise and combat fraud, significantly reducing their costs and improving the claims experience for their customers. If you are interested in setting up a HF Digital account please get in touch.

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We put a lawyer’s brain into a machine! HOLT (HF’s Online Litigation Triage) uses tailored artificial intelligence to help insurance claims handlers make the right decision every time.

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AIR (Automated Injuries Recognition) works with HOLT to make absolutely sure potential large loss claims are identified at the stage of the Claims Notification Form.

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Holly allows our clients to obtain witness statements, or gather information, from customers and third parties. Using SMS, email and chatbot technology, it simplifies a labour intensive process and reduces the need to rely on enquiry agents.

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Described as the ‘Netflix of Insurance Training’ HFTV gives you access to a huge library of videos to watch for training and information – at a time that suits them. We run regular live events through HFTV with attendance in the hundreds!

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CarWash automatically ‘washes’ vehicle data and identifies fraud, allowing our clients to either defeat the claim in its entirety or reduce the value significantly. Since its development it has already identified thousands of fraudulent claims, saving our clients millions of pounds.

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My Legal-Link was created to provide our insurer clients and their customers with access to simple, online guidance explaining exactly what they need to know as they go through the litigation process – in plain, non-legal language.

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FCV is our Fixed Costs Validator which helps our clients’ claims handlers assess whether a claimant’s costs are reasonable.

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HF’s Automated Recoveries Portal (HARP) leverages our litigation avoidance agreements with numerous insurers through our recoveries portal, so our clients’ claims handlers can process bent metal claims quicker than ever before.

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Got a question? AskHF! Our clients and their employees have easy, online access to assigned specialists who can respond through a virtual conversation, phone call or email. AskHF can also produce weekly MI reports so team leaders can track and monitor the type of questions being referred.

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HF’s Intelligent Database Research Assistant (HIDRA) gives our clients and employees access to the profiles of hundreds of top practitioners including medico-legal, liability and quantum experts.

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HF’s Eco-friendly Automated Reporting Tool (HEART) is our automated reporting tool which helps our clients claim for uninsured losses.

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SpyGlass automates research for our intelligence team helping to detect any fraudulent claims. It ‘cuts through the noise’ by searching millions of online resources which can make or break a case, reducing the time it takes to make sure our clients are working with all the information available.

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