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Our expertise

Our team offer their outstanding desktop reporting services with or with or without instructing us to deal with litigation on the relevant matters, including:

Subject profile

A detailed profile of an individual, including ID validation, open source, social media, claims history, employment/officer positions, and financial checks.

Intelligence report

A comprehensive report on an individual matter, covering all aspects including data subjects, vehicles, and third-party representatives

Fraud ring summary

Analysis of an organised crime group to identify key attractors, modus operandi, and entity associations

Network Association Analysis

Analysis of a network of subjects to identify associations using SNAP (Social Network Association Profiler), our in-house tool which can import and analyse thousands of entities at the ‘click of a button’

Asset Search

A basic and cost-effective search of a subject’s available assets to identify debt recovery prospects.

Enforcement Report

A full profile and risk assessment of a subject’s financial position, in anticipation of debt recovery litigation.

Social Media Capture

A digital solution to capture large social media profiles quickly, efficiently and to Court compliant evidential standards.

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