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We are able to see first hand what the latest claimant behaviours and tactics are from our colleagues dealing with all aspects of motor claims from FNOL through to litigation. This means that our own counter strategies are at the cutting edge. We know what works.

Counter Fraud

We provide Counter Fraud services for 7 of the UK's top 10 motor insurers, receiving 6,000+ instructions and recovering £1million+ in cost sanctions annually. Our market-leading results are driven by the detection, investigation, and triage tools, delivered by HF Digital and our Intelligence team. The Motor department ensure that nothing slips through. Our robust approach is informed by training from our Counter Fraud colleagues.

Credit Hire

Our Credit Hire team is a recognised market leader and is known as the strongest in the industry. What truly sets us apart from our competitors is the collaboration with our fraud and intelligence departments as well as our dedicated pre-litigation and litigation teams.


The team of criminal lawyers know how to manage the police investigation to ensure that the policyholder is looked after and the insurer is able to access key information.


HF Motor Recoveries acts for many of the top motor insurers in the industry and our expertise truly sets the benchmark. We take pride in providing a specialised and forward-thinking service, continually forming successful strategy transformations for our clients. We provide the full end to end service, from sending Letter Before Action through to the Court Process and on to Enforcement, if required. We go from judgment to payment quicker than the rest of the market.

Catastrophic & Complex Injury

We know that changes in reserves is bad for business. Our handlers know what to look for and how to spot the high value claim trying to fly under the radar or those showing signs of deterioration. Our market leading and burgeoning high value claims team ensure such cases are then dealt with effectively.


Handling over £84m in Costs disputes over the last 12 months, our trusted Costs team have been operating for over 20 years, providing our clients with comprehensive support in every area of costs litigation from fixed recoverable costs to multi-million-Pound matters. Motor claims is now a complicated place when comes to the various and changing fixed costs regimes. Our focus is always indemnity spend, so key strategic decisions are always informed by the consequences in costs.

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