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Our Liability teams specialise in handling all types of employers’, public and product liability claims. The team is lead by Alistair Graham, who has over 25 years' experience and is well respected in the EL/PL sector. They complement existing teams who specialise in EL/PL and disease work for a number of large self-insured clients as well as niche areas such as third-party injury and property damage caused by animals/pets.

rom low-value to large loss claims of significant complexity, the teams also regularly advise on indemnity issues, as well as regulatory matters involving HSE investigations and prosecutions.

With our vast experience as a sector defining leader in the motor arena, our technologies, systems and processes have been designed to vastly reduce the number of claims that litigate and then settle. Our approach to employers and public liability is no different and we offer an innovative approach to the handling of such claims; straightforward, informed and technical expertise with the aim to reduce your indemnity spend both now, and in the future. We provide accurate early advice, achieving the best outcomes whether through negotiation or robust and informed defence.


On-site support

If required, and in collaboration with your claims teams so as to enable early, informed decisions on each and every case, we offer practical and insightful on-site support.

We will ensure you, not claimant solicitors, dictate the progress of a case and, with our experience, expertise and insight, we will help you decide whether to defend the claim or not.


Pre-action disclosure

Pre-action, we can offer costs-benefit analyses to determine whether claims should be settled within the Portal. Where a decision is made to remove a claim here, our teams will help you gather the evidence needed to best handle it by making appropriate applications for pre-action disclosure.


Litigated claims

In the event a decision is made to defend a claim all the way to trial, we will provide early strategic advice in order to secure the evidence needed, and to make swift, cost-protective offers.

Just as our reputation and results in the market dictates, our Liability teams adopt a robust, technical approach to litigation where a decision is made to defend; with appropriate use of applications within proceedings to ensure that the claims proceed on your terms.