HF Northern Ireland has been working with their insurer clients to fundraise for a local charity, which helps with homelessness in Northern Ireland – Belfast Homeless Services.

For the small amounts of money that switch between the Court and insurance companies as a result of interest incurred on lodgement payments, HF and several of their clients, First Central, Hastings Direct, and C&S Associates, forego having that money returned to them and pay it directly to the charity instead.

Matthew Fitzpatrick (Head of HF Northern Ireland) said, “A recent visitor to our Belfast office commented on how Belfast had changed in the last 20 years and that there was a real spirit of optimism in the city. He did say that the extravagant new buildings were in stark comparison to the homeless people on the streets. That was the catalyst for me to talk with a number of our clients and I’m so humbled by their fantastic response. I hope that this donation will be the first of many with this great charity”

Belfast Homeless Services thanked everyone involved saying, “We would be unable to complete this work without the kindness and generosity of people like yourselves. Your generosity has touched our hearts and we just wanted to acknowledge your kindness.”