As featured in Insurance Edge.

HOLLY, a technology solution introduced by HF, has reduced the average time taken to obtain a witness statement by around 92% and saved almost £1 million since its launch a year ago.

HOLLY enables witnesses to provide their own statement electronically whilst meeting all legal requirements for the statement to be used in the Online Injury Claims “OIC” process. Following the launch of the OIC portal in May 2021, insurers have been working through a backlog of claims for personal injury, but technology has changed this by radically speeding up the process and slashing the cost of obtaining vital evidence.

HOLLY has also contributed to our commitment to the environment by  removing the requirement for in-person visits, and printing of documents.  .

Ronan McCann, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at HF, said: “We are committed to investing in innovation that has a positive impact on our insurer clients and their customers, we also want to have a positive impact on the environment. HOLLY has helped save time and money for our clients as well as improving the claims journey for customers, with the added benefit of helping us take significant steps forward in reducing our impact  on the environment”.