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Horwich Farrelly at 50: Jeanette Hines shares her #HFhighlight

This week, in the latest of our series celebrating the achievements of our people in our golden jubilee year, Associate in Counter Fraud, Jeanette Hines, shares her #HFhighlight.


Associate, Jeanette Hines

When did you start working at Horwich Farrelly?
I joined the firm as a Litigation Executive in November 2012, having previously studied Law at Manchester Metropolitan University before completing the BVC (Bar Vocational Course).

Before joining the firm what was your most unusual job?
I wouldn’t exactly say it was particularly unusual, but my first job was working at Clarks. I joined at the age of 15 and became a trained children’s footwear fitter. I went on to become a team leader at the age of 18 – which I guess is fairly unusual.

Most days were fairly typical; however, I once caught my assistant manager up to no good – returning items to the store for profit and had to report him. This could be where my passion for Counter Fraud was first realised!

What has been the biggest highlight of your time at Horwich Farrelly?
Setting up the HF Academy has definitely been my biggest highlight. Due to the ever changing fraud landscape, there’s a continual need for our training programmes to be robust but also flexible enough for us to respond to new threats.

I was originally asked to put together some training materials to assist with a new starter in my team of six people. This person found the materials extremely helpful and I was asked to implement this with all new starters in our 200-strong Counter Fraud department, leading to the creation of the HF Academy.

We go through all the training together, making sure everyone is up to speed and able to manage a caseload to an exceptional standard, before joining a team permanently. By the time they leave the academy and I introduce them to their new manager and colleagues they are all raring to go and the feedback from the supervisors has been great!

What does a typical day look like for you?
There’s not really any such thing as a typical day for me, as I am involved in a lot of different activities so my role can vary day to day. The bulk of my time is spent overseeing the academy and my own team. As a result of increasing volumes of work my team will be growing to nine later this month.

Generally, work can be emailed to me or physical files passed to me, I check what needs to be done and allocate it to somebody on the team. We are often very busy as my team and the academy assists two floors of lawyers within our Manchester office. I am also involved in the interview process for applicants looking to join Counter Fraud.

During Easter and Summer time I am also heavily involved in the Vacation Scheme, a two week placement which gives graduates a flavour of what it’s like to work for Horwich Farrelly. We go through various workshops and activities to assess whether we feel they are a good fit for the firm – and likewise whether they feel Horwich Farrelly is the right firm for them. It’s a really fun process, especially as I get to carry out the selection interviews and play the part of the judge during the mock trials.


Summer 2018 Vacation Scheme cohort

Applications for this year’s schemes close on 17 February so I’m really forward to meeting those who could be joining us during our 50th anniversary.

How has your career progressed since joining the firm?
I feel like I have come a long way since joining. I started off as a Litigation Executive and then, through working hard and good performance moved on to file handling. On one occasion, following a successful trial outcome the customer wrote in to say how happy she was with the way her claim was handled. Aviva approached me to make a promotional video to talk about the detail of the case alongside the barrister that represented her.

Aviva promotional film – featuring Jeanette Hines

I really enjoyed being a part of this and it definitely highlights the great results we get for people as well as the close relationship we have with our clients. Following on from this I was able to progress onto meeting clients.

I became a supervisor in August 2015 and an Associate in May 2016. This was a great 12 months for not just myself, but also Horwich Farrelly – we won Legal Partner of the Year at the Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards and myself and a few others had a great time attending the ceremony in London.

In October 2017 I was lucky enough to spend three months working in-house at our client Aviva’s offices three days out of the week in Glasgow. Since then I have continued to develop myself and others – which recently led to training new starters and setting up the Horwich Farrelly Academy in July last year.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and outside interests?
I try and go to the gym, I think everybody tries – whether they are successful or not is a different matter! I do like to go away on holiday. I recently went to Miami and the Bahamas, and am planning a trip to New York and the Caribbean soon.

I am also a keen painter and decorator (not on a professional level just for friends and family). I love doing all the wallpapering and painting, and if something needs doing I’m good at getting it done. I recently helped decorate my sister’s room; she wanted it to look like a Victoria’s Secret boutique so there was a lot of pink!

What makes working at Horwich Farrelly different from other firms?
For me, it’s somewhere that allows you to be your own person and showcase your individual skills. It’s a nurturing environment that lets you pursue what you’re good at and at the same time allows you to get the best results for your clients.

What advice would you give to others starting out their career with the firm?
Try and stand out as much as you can, work really hard and aim to be the best lawyer that you can be. If you learn that something really works for you – pass it on to the next generation.

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