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Every two years the Solicitors Regulation Authority requires all law firms to collect, report and publish data about the diversity of their workforce.

This report covers our data for 2023 and is taken from responses to a questionnaire issued to all our employees, to which we had a 61% response rate.

In January 2024, the SRA published their overview of all responses they received from regulated law firms, which shows a slow but steady increase in diversity among all lawyers since the previous survey in 2021 SRA | Diversity in law firms’ workforce | Solicitors Regulation Authority.


Diversity at HF

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is embedded in our culture. We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive, accessible work environment that reflects and supports the diversity of our team and the communities we serve.

Through platforms like our Women @ HF, EDGE, and PRIDE networks, we empower our people to help shape our strategy, provide support and generate engagement through lived experiences. Our networks help to foster inclusion and ensure every voice is heard and valued.

Our collaborative approach helps us develop policies that promote equity across the business, ensuring a consistent and fair experience for all our people.  We’re also signatories of the Law Society Diversity & Inclusion charter, publicly reflecting our commitment to transparency and accountability.

As a business focused on people (our own people and our clients), we will continue creating and maintaining a truly diverse and inclusive workplace where every individual can bring their true self to work, can thrive and can reach their potential.

The respondents from within HF to the SRA questionnaire showed the following information:






The next questionnaire will be issued in 2025 and we will continue our focus on working together to provide equity and a genuinely inclusive culture for all.