HOLT is HF’s Online Litigation Triage created to make it quicker and easier for our insurer clients to assess suspect claims.

Since its inception, HOLT has helped save insurers millions of pounds, alleviated operational challenges and is now being used in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

As a result of its success, HOLT has won multiple industry awards.

Our latest update now helps insurers assess whether need and/or impecuniosity arguments should be raised in credit hire claims by assessing the claimant’s impecuniosity status. Whilst the Court has recently encouraged limited pre-litigation disclosure to enable a meaningful assessment of a claimant’s finances, there is still no pre-action protocol for credit hire claims to force this issue and it’s often a costly and drawn out process.

Using a data-led approach, together with our Credit Hire Team’s expert knowledge and market insight, we have created a unique digital solution. Similar to the versions that have been so successful to date, HOLT reduces the time insurance handlers spend on a claim, case lifecycles and the overall cost.

The fixed costs extension is going to change behaviours making it even more important to be in a position to assess claims quickly, to avoid unnecessary litigation.

For more information or advice, please contact Ben Elliott, Partner and Operations Lead, Credit Hire department.